Shadow Professional


Protect your online privacy from intrusions


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Protecting your privacy on the Internet is something that's becoming more and more important. The reasons range from the simple fear of spying to the very real threat of fraud.

To avoid suspicion and keep your privacy safe from prying eyes, now there's an excellent tool called Shadow Professional.

Shadow Professional has numerous options to remove any trace of your online activity by removing cookies, temporary files, browsing history, and all sorts of elements that could reveal your private data. You can even hide folders and downloaded files, or protect passwords using encryption algorithms.

But undoubtedly the most noteworthy aspect of Shadow Professional is the ability to activate a safe mode. This mode will automatically run some or all the actions above, depending on how you set it up.

So just install it, click the Start button, and stop worrying, because with this program you can be sure all your private online activity will stay private.

You can try out the program for 30 days.

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